CBRT 发表于 2016-3-21 16:33


本人有 projects, ideas, AND passion and confidence.
希望找有团队精神的,埋头苦干脚踏实地的高手 合作创业。

Java and others, all kinds of scripts, PHP(!)
mobile: geofencing and geolocation, mapping and proximity, maybe iBeacon
if you can even better: Magento, Woocommerce



gl00ad 发表于 2016-3-22 19:08

The project is

1) send and receive data from mobile devices directly or indirectly from a mobile service providers
2) servce as a mobile application provider using web interface to show data in map from database
3) a web application to subscribe and payment
4) configure mobile devices to send various data including geofence alert, and others

Every mobile application service provider has similar service, the project does not have any uniq feature that attract investors.

I admired your passion and confidence, but I would suggest that you should think twice.
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