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前所未有: 宏利(Manulife)银行活期存款3.00%到2016年5月31日

Score a high 3.00% interest rate from Manulife Bank

Get your savings off the bench and into the gamewith 3.00% interest from Manulife Bank

It’s game time! That’s right, it’s RRSP season. Andthis year go pro with a rate that’s among the greats.

Score a high 3.00% interest ratethrough May 31, 2016 on every new dollar deposited to a Manulife Bank Tax-Free Advantage Account or Registered Advantage Account by March 15, 2016.1

Keys to winning:
·      Save for your long andshort-term goals with a safe and secure Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC) eligible investment
·      Easy access to your cash – freedeposits and withdrawals
·      No minimum balance required –earn a great rate on every new dollar in your account

Get your savings into the game today.

可以互相交流(514)5862858 or visit .没任何风险, 绝对有保证. 高利息前所未闻, 前所未有.不要白不要.

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