college101 发表于 2015-8-29 12:38


她还行,居然把客人的e-mail 放在Junk mail 里。好像是她扒了下门,说:You have to leave. she force me to leave her office without any reason.:handshake

this happen yesterday. maybe she is busy. Plus today, she said something nicely, she could be winner in lotoquebec, and maybe she gonna

drink pepsi, well, who is her boyfriend? we must respect nathalie, she gonna become famous person)

college101 发表于 2015-9-24 22:43

Hello Nathalie arnold, How are you doing?I am Willy Hu
You are the boss in the office today.
I put 80 dollars in front of your door, no one anwser right?
this money is for my appartment heating and hotwater, coldwater
sometime like this, because last winter, I am missing heating in my bedroom,
Could you tell me why exactly happen in my bedroom, room number 325 3 floor
that's true! You are good working people (women). is this like the whole building
like this? You can call me, my phone # is 514-8000850 thank you so much to see
this message! this winter must have right? Have a nice day) Dog shit!

best regard

Willy Hu

college101 发表于 2015-9-24 22:46

Sorry for the word dog shit.

college101 发表于 2015-9-29 11:31

sorry Natalie

college101 发表于 2015-10-17 20:01

Sorry, Sorry.

college101 发表于 2015-10-30 11:46

Oh, no answer

dingyi 发表于 2015-12-12 15:10

oh, my dear
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