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我的车在冬天时车窗内有时会结冰,想必别人也一定有类似情况,经过用各种方法反复试验,找到一个最有效的, 就是在停车前一,两分钟时开始用冷风吹车窗,把温度调到最冷,风量调的最大,出风口调到车窗,吹一两分钟,就可以基本预防车窗内侧结冰。这个方法唯一不好的就是舒适性较差,车里会比较凉。

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Ice and fog form on the inside of car windows when moisture in the car evaporates, condenses on the glass and then freezes as the car cools. Warm, moist air exhaled by the car's occupants and melting snow brought into the car on boots and clothing all contribute to moisture build-up inside the car.

Turn on the car heater and set it to high. Allow the windshield to warm for several minutes. The ice or fog on the glass will dissipate. Wipe off the condensation from the window glass using a clean, dry towel or cloth. Turn on the air conditioner briefly to remove humidity from the vehicle cabin. Don’t re-circulate the air except to initially warm up your car.

Leave a window cracked open slightly overnight or when you arrive at your destination to help prevent windows from icing up. Ice sticks to dust and residue on the window glass so keeping your car windows clean will minimize this problem. Knock snow off of your boots or shake water off of your raincoat entering the car; the less moisture in the car, the better. You can also use a spray-on product such as Rain-X Interior Glass Anti-Fog to help prevent ice and fog buildup on the window glass.

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最简单 方法 每次开车时候 打开空调与热风, 下次启动车时候 就不会有车内车窗结冰现象。

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