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The ink cartridged, the compact fluorescent lightbulbs, the paint and solvents, used oil, car batteries, medication and syringes as well as dry cell batteries and used cellphones may also be disposed of at the following locations: Take leftover paint and solvent(溶剂) to RONA stores or consult the Éco-peinture website (www.peinture.ca) for further details on disposal locations and products accepted. Take burnt compact fluorescent lightbulbs to RONA store on rue Wellington. Take used motor oil (in a hermetically-sealed container) and car batteries to Canadian Tire stores. Take expired medication and syrups (糖浆)to pharmacies. Take syringes (注射器)to CLSCs (in a plastic container topped with a lid). Dispose of ink cartridges, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, dry cell batteries (whether rechargeable or not) and used cellphones in containers specially provided for this purpose at the Borough's main buildings. Cellphones may also be brought to the Caisse Desjardins, 5035, rue de Verdun, to fire station 66, 4396, boulevard LaSalle, and to fire station 67, 911, boulevard René-Lévesque. Please note that these two fire stations also collect disposable and rechargeable batteries.

其他,请看市政府 Hazardous Household Waste部分,网址:http://ville.montreal.qc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=2480,2898851&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

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