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"Cali" Vietnamese noodle shop in Chinatown.

Revenue Quebec fines Chinatown restaurant owners $800,000 for tax evasion

         MONTREAL — Revenue Quebecannounced Thursday it has slapped the owners of a restaurant inMontreal’s Chinatown with $800,000 in fines and 391 counts of taxevasion among other charges.

The fines areamong the largest ever imposed on a Quebec restaurant and failure to paythem could result in jail time for owners Anh Tuan Dang and Thi TuyetDung Dang.

Revenue Quebec alleged that, between2011 and 2013, the owners of the Pho Cali Vietnamese noodle shop filedfalse income tax returns and forged receipts to get out of paying taxes.

Quebec’stax agency has cracked down on tax evasion in restaurants since itimplemented sales-recording modules, called SRMs, in 2011.
SRMsare a kind of micro-computer that records financial transactions andsend them to Revenue Quebec. If the data collected on the SRMs doesn’tmatch what restaurant owners are filing in their tax returns, they couldland themselves in a world of hurt with the tax agency.
ThePho Cali owners are accused of having set up a parallel billing systemin which they would circumvent their SRM-connected cash register.

A2013 report from Revenue Quebec shows the tax department collected anadditional $160 million in sales tax revenue since installing the SRMsin fall 2011.

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