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魁省报税也延长到5月5日 Extended filing deadline

Revenu Québec is granting a five-day extension of the deadline for filing the 2013 income tax return. Individuals who have yet to file their returns will therefore have until May 5 to do so without incurring interest or penalties.

Our goal is to avoid penalizing anyone for last week's interruption in the online services offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Accordingly, we have decided it would be best to offer the same extension as the CRA, even though our own online services were not affected.

Please note, however, that individuals reporting business income, as well as the spouses of such individuals, have until June 16 to file. That said, their balance due of income tax must be paid by April 30.

For more tax information, call our client services at 418 659-6299 (Québec City area), 514 864-6299 (Montréal area) or 1 800 267-6299 (toll-free). You may also visit our website at

Thank you for supporting us in our mission to maintain a fair tax system.
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