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What's new for 2013?

We list the major changes below, including income tax changes that have been
announced but were not law at the time of printing. If they become law as
proposed, they will be effective for 2013 or as of the dates given. For more
information about these and other changes, see the areas outlined in colour
in this guide.

+++ Pooled registered pension plan (PRPP) (lines 115, 205, and 208) - The
PRPP is a new retirement savings option for individuals, including those who
are self-employed. For more information, see pages 14, 22, and 23. For more
information about the PRPP, go to

Other income (line 130) - Enter on line 130 amounts (grants) paid to you as a
result of taking time away from work to cope with the death or disappearance
of your child because of an offence or probable offence under the Criminal

Adoption expenses (line 313) - For adoptions finalized
in 2013 and subsequent years, the adoption period has been extended. For more
information, see page 41.

Donations and gifts (line 349) - For the 2013 to 2017 years, you may be able
to claim a first-time donor's super credit. For more information, see page

Investment tax credit (line 412) - Eligibility for the mineral exploration
tax credit has been extended to flow-through share agreements entered into
before April 1, 2014. For more information about investment tax credits, see
page 50.

Tax related to the non-purchase of replacement shares in a Quebec labour-
sponsored fund (line 418) - You may have to pay a special tax if you redeemed
your shares from a Quebec labour-sponsored fund to participate in the Home
Buyers' Plan (HBP) or the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP), but did not purchase
replacement shares within the prescribed time. For more information, see page

Overseas employment tax credit (line 426) - From 2013 to 2016, the overseas
employment tax credit will be phased out. It will be eliminated for 2016 and
subsequent years. For more information, see Form T626, Overseas Employment
Tax Credit.

Foreign property - Under certain circumstances, the reassessment period for a
return has been extended. For more information, see page 10. +++
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